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    Starting a Successful Real Estate Brokerage

    with the most trusted software in the business.

    Starting and running a real estate brokerage usually leaves the broker wearing a lot of different hats. You’re not just selling anymore—you’re responsible for your brokerage’s big picture, and that means everything from accounting to compliance and even recruiting.

    We’re here to make all of that simpler for you.

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Start your real estate brokerage with the right tech

 It can be hard to know where to begin when you're starting a new real estate brokerage. We're here to help you navigate your new role as a broker, both as you get started, and as you begin to grow. That means creating a solid foundation for your brokerage on the right technology—technology that will grow with you for years to come.



years in business




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Back Office

Everything you need to start off right.

When you’re a smaller brokerage, it’s possible to use generic accounting software to manage your business. But all that means is that you need to know the finer details that the software doesn’t, like how to manage commission plans and build specialized financial reports.

This becomes so difficult for brokerages as they scale up that they eventually need to switch to a solution more appropriate for real estate—and that means a painful migration process.

Let’s skip that step, and start you off with the right technology, right from day one.




Make the most of the tools you have.

Did you know? Across Canada and the U.S., over 1.5 million real estate agents already have access to our Transactions solutions through their national member benefits.

That means that you—and the agents who join your brokerage—very likely already have the essentials you need for managing transactions. And there are two ways you can make it work even harder for you.

• Connect it with Marketplace for free and heavily discounted integrations that make your job easier

• Upgrade it to the broker version to build a two-way connection with your Back Office


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Working with us

What’s in it for you

Bottom line, we’re here to make your job simple. We’ve been working with real estate brokerages of all shapes and sizes since 1989, figuring out exactly how they operate and what they need from technology.

All so we can build everything you need to lead in real estate—from the gold standard in back office and accounting, to top-tier transaction management, insights, eSignature and more.

So let’s talk about how we can help.

No matter what your brokerage dreams are, we’re here to help make them a reality. So let’s talk about how we can do that for you.